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Went to the Stromness Studies talk last night given by Bryce Wilson at the Royal Hotel. Bryce gave an illustrated tour of Stromness from North to South and some interesting little facts came up.

The one that caught my attention was that Robert Shaw, the actor, lived just down the road from me here in Stromness from the age of five for seven years. He who gave that towering performance of Quint in ‘Jaws’. Years ago I would use ‘Jaws’ as a tool for teaching kids (and some adults) the classic structure for dramatic films. It’s called Shark Theory and is quite commonly used I think – see here.

At that time I was cutting on ‘Lightworks‘, which had that lovely little logo of the red shark. So the whole thing came full circle when Bryce told a story of Robert Shaw; that when he was a boy here he was a bit of a rascal, and one day he stole his father’s false teeth and flushed them down the toilet. His father did finally retrieve them, following the outflow pipe straight into the sea. Apparently he popped them back in without even washing them.

Some 40 years later Robert would be tackling jaws of a larger and more dangerous kind.

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  1. Puck MacPuck says:

    When a little boy in Stromness, Robert Shaw was spotted out on a window ledge, two storey’s up in his parents house. Some comcerned little old ladies gathered in the street below. However he informed them if they did’t stop telling him to get back in the house he would pee on them….peedie Robert “Shaaa”, fledgling hell raiser!

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