Been working on the new ‘Splice Film’ Edit Facility here at Graham Place and officially launching on line – see here for details.

This week I upgraded to Avid Media Composer 4.0. This meant a whole new system too as my 7 year old gear just wasn’t up to the job. Well the new specs certainly are, including an Intel i7 quad core processor which (according to Scott, a great and talented computer tech based here in Stromness) had plenty of ‘grunt’. Thanks to Scott for putting it all together.

I really notice the difference with no problem running HD and real time effects. But the most amazing thing is the way Avid are really moving forward after seeming to fall behind the huge marketing push of Apples FCP. Avid Media Access has to be seen to be believed. I can see this being very useful for visiting film crews.

Started a new HD job this week too, one of SDI’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ short films. ‘Rubble’ is directed by Jonny Carr of Plainview Films and is based on the story of Owen Luder, a British architect who designed a number of notable and sometimes controversial buildings in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and 1970s and now strives to save them from demolition.

Next big job will be back with the guys from ‘Imagine Pictures’, a 1/2 hour documentary under the Digital Nation scheme with match funding from BBC Scotland. ‘Cutting Loose’ is directed by Adrian McDowall and Finlay Pretsell with cinematographer Martin Radich. Shot entirely inside a Scottish male prison, it’s an exploration of inmates daily lives in the build up to the annual Scottish Prison Service hairdressing competition. An opportunity for us to understand dreams, aspirations, regrets and fears; an insider’s perspective on a prisoner’s rehabilitation and preparation for a long life on the inside.

The film has been shot on the Canon 5d MkII. An interesting concept, back to the film discipline of separate audio and synching of rushes via clapper boards. Nice to see old skills coming back into use!

We’re Avid, are you?

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