Owen Luder at the top of the Get Carter car park

Get Luder

Architect Owen Luder’s most famous building, the Get Carter car park in Gateshead, is scheduled for demolition. This is nothing new for the once acclaimed 81-year-old Brutalist pioneer. His concrete giant, the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth, is already down, and his other iconic Gateshead structure, the Dunston Rocket, faces a similar fate. ‘Get Luder’ charts his last-ditch bid to force a reappraisal and reinvention of the car park made famous by the Michael Caine gangster film as demolition day looms, and views a man struggling to retain his pride and dignity as he watches his work destroyed in his own lifetime.

Recently finished ‘Get Luder’ with Director Jonny Carr from Plainview Films in Glasgow. The film, a 9 minute documentary, was made under the Bridging The Gap scheme run by the Scottish Documentary Institute. Jonny came to Orkney a couple of times and was quite taken with the place. The edit was tough but we got there in the end, on lined at M8 Media last thursday and on friday was dubbed by the great John Cobban at Arc. John has dubbed nearly all of my films over my career and he really is top drawer. Jonny thought so too. I look forward to seeing the finessed piece.

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