On Tuesday I’m off to the sunny climes of Wilmington, North Carolina for the Cucalorus Film Festival. A highly recommended film festival, and not just by me. It’s in the Brooks Institute Top Ten US Film Festivals.

Was out there last year representing ‘Ma Bar‘ and this year have a rather busier schedule. I was asked to put together a Scottish Shorts Programme, and I’m also moderating a UK Filmmakers Panel, a Work In Progress of Matt Hulse’s ‘Dummy Jim’ and doing a Q + A for the Global Perspectives programme at one of the local high schools. So long as I have time to sample that great local tuna and the IPA that’s made at the micro brewery Front Street Brewery.

I still have lasting memories of the Dixie Grill Midnite Brunch, where I came 2nd at the Musical Chairs. Word is last years winner, Hope Dickson Leach has just had a baby, and so is unlikely to get out there. Looks like I could go one or two better this year. I’ll let you know.

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