While I was out at Cucalorus I had the pleasure of planting one of the trees for the James Duthie Memorial Wood.

Matt Hulse has made a film about the planting which you can view here

In November 2010 film maker Matt Hulse attended the independent Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington NC. He spoke on the progress of the film ‘Dummy Jim’, about the profoundly deaf cyclist James Duthie who pedalled all the way from Scotland to the Arctic Circle in 1951.

Matt was aware that making a transatlantic flight to attend the festival was not great for his carbon footprint so he came to an arrangement with the festival to attend the event on condition that trees were planted to help offset carbon emissions. Planting trees is not the only answer to easing the problem of global warming but Matt felt that it would go some way to helping, by publicly raising awareness and hopefully inspiring people to follow suit.

The festival now has plans to plant trees for all future attendees arriving by air, so over the years real impact ought to be felt.

Matt suggested that the future wood be named after James Duthie, as the Duthie Memorial Wood. In this film you may witness saplings being planted in front of the film festival’s base, a community cinema called ‘Jengo’s Playhouse’.

In a recent update, Dan Brawley, the festival director said: “The trees are doing nicely. The ‘Atlantic white cedar’ (also known as the ‘Scottish cedar’ in this part of the world) is a resilient type – not afraid of drought or bouts of frigid air. I took the liberty of planting as many of the remaining trees as I could. There will soon be a Duthie forest on Princess Street.”

2011 marks the 60th anniversary of Duthie’s trip to the Arctic Circle, see:

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