Radio Orkney are running a survey to look into broadband speeds in the county. It’s great news and hopefully it will lead to more pressure to hook up to a faster network that is tantalisingly close to the county. IT and many of the creative industries need this to be able to survive here. It would also encourage other businesses and freelancers to the county. Do your bit and complete the survey.

Click on this link:

Make sure before you begin that make sure that you’re not putting too much strain on your internet before clicking the test button by checking that you’re not downloading or uploading any material whilst taking the test, this will mean that you’ll get a more accurate test result.

When the test is completed a box will appear that will give you a summary of your results which will be a upload speed and download speed of your broadband connection. That box is now able to be copied direct to their Facebook page by clicking on ‘Share this Result’ and then clicking the ‘copy’ box. Then simply paste that link beside the ‘copy’ button as a comment below this post.

If you don’t use Facebook then you can contact them directly.

Remember to include where abouts in the county you are and who provides your internet service.

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