‘Cutting Loose’, directed by Adrian McDowall and Finlay Pretsell, gets it’s first tv broadcast next Wed 2nd November @ 23:20 on BBC2 Scotland. It’s also showing at the The Drummond Hunter Memorial lecture at Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Wed 7th December @ 18:30 with a talk by the directors.  Here’s the blurb from BBC.

Hairdressers poised, scissors at the ready, clients in place. Cutting begins. The salon looks familiar enough; busy chatter rising above the chopping and blow-drying, but the hairdressers all have something in common – they’re all serving time in Scotland’s jails.

Cutting Loose provides a fascinating snapshot of life inside during the build-up to the annual Scottish Prison Service hairdressing competition. Winning the coveted prize is the ultimate goal, but reigning champion Francis Duffy has something else on his mind. He is about to be released.

As the competition approaches, we hear the dreams and aspirations of some of Scotland’s most dangerous prisoners as they style the hair of fellow inmates on a daily basis – ‘I’m trusted with a pair of scissors, that means a lot to me’. As the cuts take shape, we discover how hairdressing is helping many Scottish prisoners come to terms with their crimes while trying to prepare them for life on the outside.

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