ReelScotland is a new online-only source for reviews, previews, features and interviews covering some of the most exciting film events taking place around Scotland.

While new releases, classic re-releases, film festivals and one-off screenings at Scotland’s cinemas will all be covered, ReelScotland will also look behind-the-scenes and speak to some of the people involved in bringing the most vibrant, challenging and entertaining films from around the world to a screen near you.

We’ll also be looking at the history of film, cinema and television in Scotland, with some exciting new features planned.

Every Wednesday we’ll be presenting a full length film made in Scotland that’s available to watch online. The films will mainly be short fiction or documentary but feature length films, music videos, adverts and more will make an appearance.

This week’s film is Johanna Wagner’s award-winning 2009 film, Peter in Radioland.

Made as part of the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap scheme, Peter in Radioland is about 63 year-old Peter who is on sick leave and spends most of his time alone in his house, contemplating his past. Little makes sense to him anymore in a digital world made up of zeros and ones.

Comforted by his analogue radios, his memories and his loving wife, Peter is left yearning for the old days.

Director Johanna Wagner discusses the making of the film on the website and you can read more about her work on her official website.

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