Well it’s been a while now since the interior shoot for my film ‘The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow‘. The Cromarty Hall was a fantastic place to use. Very pleased with what I got back, and the effort of everyone involved was astounding. To the crew and the cast, (and of course some were both!), a big thank you.

Have started the editing now, and have my first rough assembly of 32 minutes. Longer than I anticipated, with a 20 minute script, but it’s healthy to be over by 20-30%, so not too bad. I’m sure it will come down quite a bit in the coming weeks.

Speaking of which, I’ll be in the reference library of the Pier Arts Centre from Tues 15th – Sat 19th May, 10:30 am – 5 pm each day. I’ll be all set up with my editing suite, and everyone is invited to come and see what it is I get up to at the editing stage. Will also be recording some of the voice overs, so a busy week.

Hope to see you there.

More info about the project here

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