This is a project I’ve been working on over the last year, from initial workshops teaching recording and editing techniques through to editing the audio journey and producing a commemorative DVD. It was recently described as ‘not a tour, but a meditation on Stromness’.

Stromness Hometown is an audio journey of Stromness  that uses voices from the past and present weaving a story along the street. The journey is 75 minutes long and has eight stops, starting at the Pierhead at the north end of the town and reaching the Cannon, just past Stromness Museum, at the south end of the town.

There are several ways to access the audio.

Download on to your own device:

or if in Stromness
You can also download an information leaflet here

The walk is along the street and so easy to navigate, and is just  over 1/2 mile long. Most stops have benches at them.

The project is run by the Stromness Museum, and began with drop in workshops during the summer of 2011, where archive interviews were sourced and new ones made. During the subsequent months, these interviews were  edited into the audio journey, using local music and soundscapes from the town.

Funding was through LEADER and Stromness Townscape Heritage Initiative.

There is also a limited edition DVD of the journey which uses images of the Stromness Museum collection to support the audio.

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