‘The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow’
is finished! Check out the trailer.

The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow – trailer from Mark Jenkins on Vimeo.

It’s been an amazing journey, involving many locations and 33 cast and crew, covering 34 acting parts and 20 crew positions. A big thank you to all those involved.
Come to the premiere – Sat 1st September 2012 at the Cromarty Hall, St. Margaret’s Hope, Orkney. – a fitting location as the hall served me so well for the interior shoot.

‘The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow’  – 35 min HD
Written, filmed and edited by Mark Jenkins.

This film was made as part of a film residency, using locations, actors and crew from Orkney, and was inspired by memoirs of service men and women based in Orkney during both world wars. The music was composed and played by Orcadian James Watson.

The residency was developed and managed by the Pier Arts Centre with the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme. It ran for twelve weeks (spread over 6 months). Memoirs are taken from three publications: ‘Scapa Flow’ by Malcolm Brown & Patricia Meehan, ‘Sky Over Scapa’ by Gregor Lamb, and ‘Bloody Orkney’ by Virginia Schroder.

The aim of the project was to create a new work of art that would celebrate aspects of the cultural heritage of Scapa Flow in collaboration with community partners across the area. Find out more about the project here:

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