The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow

The Premiere at the Cromarty Hall was a fantastic night and I’d like to thank everyone for coming and showing their support. We had about 120 people in, packed to the rafters, and it really was a special atmosphere.

We sat at candlelit tables with NAAFI tablecloths and vinyl record placemats with the Crown and Anchor logos. We drank Scapa Special from jam jars and Duncan McLean was in character as Islandman to introduce the film.

James Watson brought another level to the night. His set was fantastic, and we’d rehearsed the presentation so that his last song segued seamlessly into the film.

It was great to bring the film to the Cromarty Hall, a place of true authenticity, a wartime cinema and theatre venue and one of my first interactions with film here in Orkney when I helped set up the film club there. It was also good to see…

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