When you make a film you always give a bit of time for it to be played at festivals before putting it on line. Having made this film in 2012 I think now is the time for that. Play with good sound and in HD. I hope you enjoy it.

The film was made during a film residency at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney and was inspired by memoirs of service men and women based in wartime Orkney. All voice over memoirs and events in the film are taken from three publications: ‘Scapa Flow’ by Malcolm Brown & Patricia Meehan, ‘Sky Over Scapa’ by Gregor Lamb, and ‘Bloody Orkney’ by Virginia Schroder. My thanks for the use of these. The development and process for the film can be seen here: http://www.iwosf.wordpress.com.

The premise for the film was to show another side of wartime Orkney, an alternative view to the much publicised ‘Bloody Orkney’, and one that rang true with my own experience of coming to Orkney, living here, and making it my home.

Filming took place in many locations around the coastline of Scapa Flow, with the Cromarty Hall, St. Margaret’s Hope used as a studio for interior filming. Thirty three local people filled roles as crew, actors and voice over artistes. The soundtrack was composed and played by Orcadian James Watson.

The residency ran for twelve weeks (spread over 6 months). It was developed and managed by the Pier Arts Centre with the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme.




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