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There’s another chance to catch the ‘Wild Orkney’ films on the big screen later this month, as part of Orkney Nature Festival

I made these four seasonal films with wildlife cameraman Raymond Besant Photography & Film, and they’ll soon be launched on line.

But you can’t beat seeing Raymond’s fantastic cinematography on the big screen and hearing the music of James Watson in it’s full glory. And it’s FREE!

Hope to see you there:

MONDAY 16 MAY 17:30
Pickaquoy Cinema

Four new films from RSPB Scotland are set to boost Orkney’s profile as a haven for nature and a world-class wildlife-watching destination.

Capturing stunning wildlife footage across spring, summer, autumn and winter in Orkney, the films were created by award-winning wildlife cameraman Raymond Besant and acclaimed Stromness based film editor Mark Jenkins, with music composed by local musician James Watson.

Both the full-length films and three-minute teaser versions will be made available in the near future to help businesses, tourism websites and others promote Orkney’s natural heritage online.

Wildlife cameraman Raymond Besant said, “As always the weather was the biggest challenge when filming Orkney’s wildlife but it’s also what adds so much atmosphere and character to the films. I had a good idea of what I wanted to film in term of the species here but there are always nice surprises that come up whilst filming. Mark has treated the footage in a really beautiful way and the music composed by James is perfect so I think we have crafted some really special and uniquely Orcadian with these four films.”

Mark Jenkins of SpliceFilm added, “Working on this project has been an absolute delight. I already knew Raymond’s still photography work, but seeing his images come to life was just magical. Due to the strength of the images, we made an early decision to try to make these films speak for themselves, without narration or graphic information. James Watson’s music really strengthened this vision and I think we have a real cinematic experience for people to enjoy.”

The films were commissioned from Cinécosse through RSPB Scotland’s Enjoy Wild Orkney project, funded by the RSPB, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

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