A series of 8 short films reflecting the cultural heritage of Papa Westray, Orkney.

“I was told the story about hidden treasure on Papay. I came to realise the island had treasures everywhere” – Mark Jenkins

These films were made during a residency in 2016, using archive aural and visual material together with new interviews, images and film.
The were commissioned as part of a permanent display at The Kelp Store Craft and Heritage Centre in Papa Westray, which opened it’s doors for the first time in June 2016.

Filmed, edited & directed by Mark Jenkins (splicefilm.co.uk)
Music composed & played by James Watson (woodensolemusic.com)
Made for Papay Development Trust with funding from Coastal Communities Fund


All eight films are now available to buy on a single compilation DVD, and cost just £7 including UK postage. All proceeds support the work of Papay Development Trust.

To purchase, please send a cheque made out to Papay Development Trust, and post to:

PDT, Quarryhoose, Papa Westray, Orkney KW17 2BU

Alternatively you can send your payment to PDT through PayPal (papaydt{at}gmail.com). For any enquiries, please email julianbranscombe{at}yahoo.com.


‘MILKING STOOLS & SPINNING WHEELS’ (18m) Animal farming in Papa Westray


‘LUG SAILS & LIMPETS’ (12m) Fishing in Papa Westray


‘FOOLS GOLD & CAT’S CLAWS’ (15m) Shipwrecks in Papa Westray


‘LOOKOUTS & LANDINGS’ (8m) Wartime in Papa Westray


‘DIGGING & LEAPING’ (5m) Going to the Spoots in Papa Westray


‘SCYTHES & SILAGE’ (13m) Arable farming in Papa Westray


‘DIESEL AND DRAWBARS’ (13m) The Music Of The Tractor


STAMPS AND SCALES‘ (3m) The Post Office in Papa Westray

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