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Films and Filmmakers

Projections 1 – A Forum For Filmmakers John Boorman and Walter Donohue 1992

Projections 2 – A Forum For Filmmakers John Boorman and Walter Donohue 1993

Projections 3 – A Forum For Filmmakers John Boorman and Walter Donohue 1992

Projections, Filmmakers On Filmmaking – The Best Of 14 Years

John Boorman and Walter Donohue 2006

1000 Films To Change Your Life Time Out 2006

Film Cuts, Classic Movie Writing Various 1994

Francis Ford Coppola – A Filmmaker’s Life Michael Schumacher 1999

Coppola Peter Cowie 1990

The Scorsese Connection Lesley Stern 1996

Schrader On Schrader And Other Writings Kevin Jackson 1990

Adventures Of A Suburban Boy John Boorman 2003

Film Forum – 35 Top Filmmakers Discuss Their Craft Ellen Oumano 1985

The Film Handbook – 200 Key Directors Geoff Andrew 1989

Buena Vista Social Club – Book Of The Film Wim and Donata Wenders 2000

Wonderland, Michael Winterbottom – Production Notes 1999

Joel And Ethan Coen Peter Korte and Georg Seesslen 1999

Michael Powell James Howard 1996

Orson Welles – The Rise And Fall Of An American Genius Charles Higham 1985

Orson Welles – The Road To Xanadu Simon Callow 1996

The Magic World Of Orson Welles (Revised) James Naremore 1989

Hitchcock – The Definitive Study (Revised) Francois Truffaut 1986

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window John Belton 2000

Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho Stephen Rebello 1992

Jaws Nigel Andrews 1999

Into the Woods – The Definitive Story Of ‘The Blair Witch Project’

Ed Potton and Amber Cowan 2000

Metropolis Thomas Elsaesser 2000

M Anton Kaes 1999


Bullitt – The Novel Robert L Pike 1963

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls Peter Biskind 1999

The Kid Stays In The Picture Robert Evans 2003

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Pauline Kael 1970

John Barry – A Sixties Theme Eddi Fiegel 1998

Film Journal Eve Arnold 2002

Film Theory

The Best Film Ever Made Pauline Kael 2002

The Cinema Book 3rd Edition Pam Cook 2007

Image, Sound And Story – The Art Of Telling In Film Cherry Potter 1990

The Story Of Film Mark Cousins 2004

Film – An Introduction John L Fell 1975

The Film And The Public Roger Manvell 1955

The Cinema As Art Ralph Stephenson and Guy Phelps 1989

Reading The Screen – 2nd Edition John Izod 1987



On Film-Making – An Introduction To The Craft Of The Director

Alexander MacKendrick 2005

The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook Chris Jones and Genevieve Jolliffe 1996

Digital Filmmaking Thomas A Ohanian and Michael E Phillips 1996

Independent Filmmaking – 2nd Edition Lenny Lipton 1983

I Wake Up Screening Frank D Gilroy 1993

Guide To Filmmaking Edward Pincus 1972

8mm Movie Making For Pleasure Philip Grosset 1961


The Art And Science Of Screen Writing – 2nd Edition Philip Parker 1990

Zen and the Art of Screen Writing 2 William Froug 2000

Story – Substance, Structure, Style And The Principles Of Screenwriting

Robert McKee 1999

Creative Screenwriting Vol 4 No 3 Autumn 1977

Screenwriting Lew Hunter 1994



The History Of Movie Photography Brian Coe 1981

Painting With Light John Alton 1995

The British Cinematographer Duncan Petrie 1996

Masters Of Light – Conversations With Contemporary Cinematographers

Dennis Schaefer and Larry Salvato 1984

Film Lighting – Talks with Cinemas Cinematographers And Gaffers Kris Malkiewicz 1992

Magic Hour – The Life Of A Cameraman Jack Cardiff 1996


Film Editing

Film Editing – The Art Of The Expressive Valerie Orpen 2003

In The Blink Of An Eye – A Perspective On Film Editing Walter Murch 1995 Out On Loan – Michael Scott

Fine Cuts – The Art Of European Film Editing Roger Crittenden 2006

First Cut – Conversations With Film Editors Gabriella Oldham 1992

The Conversations – Walter Murch and The Art Of Editing Michael Ondaatje 2002

Behind The Seen – How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Charles Koppelman 2005


The Documentary Tradition – 2nd Edition Lewis Jacobs 1979

Documentary Screens – Non Fiction Film And Television Keith Beattie 2004

Making Documentary Films And Reality Videos Barry Hampe 1997

Imagining Reality – The Faber Book Of Documentary

Kevin MacDonald and Mark Cousins 1996

Directing The Documentary – 3rd Edition Michael Rabiger 1998































A Matter of Frequency – An Essay On Editing Aesthetics Paul Petschek

Lucrecia Martel – A Decidedly Polyphonic Cinema Dominique Russell

Babel – Pushing And Reaffirming Mainstream Cinema’s Boundaries

Marina Hassapopoulou

How To Write For Documentaries Martina Nagel

Hidden’s Disinherited Children Helen Macallan and Andrew Plain

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford: A Study in Melancholia

Donato Totaro

Paul Thomas Anderson: Tracking Through A Fantastic Reality André Crous

The Treasures And The Fakes: The Last Films Of Orson Welles Benjamin Kerstein

Sublime Anarchy In Gus Van Sant’s Elephant Neera Scott

The Conversation Brenda Austin-Smith


My Three Ps: Passion, Patience, Perseverance Robert Wise

The Trouble With Video Fred Camper

Vanishing Point: The Last Days Of Film Wheeler Winston Dixon

Trajectories Of Decay: An Interview With Bill Morrison

Maximilian Le Cain and Barry Ronan





Francis Ford Coppola Uncut interview by Harlan Jacobson

Notes on The Conversation by Megan Ratner

The Sexual Joys of Editing Lecture by Walter Murch

Inherit The Wind

Talking with Peter Bogdanovich and Joseph McBride about ‘The Other Side Of The Wind’
















North by Northwest Ernest Lehman

Twenty Four Seven Paul Fraser and Shane Meadows

Pi – Screenplay and Guerilla Diaries Darren Aronofsky

The Manchurian Candidate George Axelrod

Get Carter Mike Hodges

Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino

The Usual Suspects Christopher McQuarrie

Fargo Ethan and Joel Coen

The Third Man Graham Greene

Traffic Stephen Gaghan

Don’t Look Now Allan Scott and Chris Bryant

Sweet Smell of Success Clifford Odetts and Ernest Lehman

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