15/11/2009 Star News at Cucalorus

Star News round up on the Cucalorus Film Festival 2009

11/11/2009 Compass at Cucalorus

Short interview in Compass at the Cucalorus Film Festival 2009

10/09/09 Launch of Hoy Community Film Project

Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme funded project running through to this summer. Making various short films about the culture and history of the parish of Hoy to be shown in the Hoy Kirk, the new interpretation centre.

29/06/09 Peter in Radioland wins at Edinburgh

Peter in Radioland wins Scottish Short Documentary Award at the 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009

27/01/09 ‘Ma Bar’ review on Paste

13/01/09 ‘Ma Bar’ BBC News

10/01/09 ‘Ma Bar’ Washington City Post

09/01/09 Orkney Today Feature

Item about me moving and setting up in Orkney

‘Standing Start’ shortlisted for Grierson Best Newcomer Award