How times have changed since I started this website in 2010. I certainly have more grey hair. You could say I look happier. But the main change is the direction of my work.

While I’m still very much an editor, I’m not working as one south any more, and my editing is much more as part of my filmmaking practice. The big change has been creating a business partnership with my wife Rebecca Marr. The idea for Kolekto came when we looked at our portfolio and realised how many projects we both worked on together. Bringing it under one roof made sense. Kolekto offers a design and delivery service for cultural heritage projects through primarily audio, photography and film production.

So, while continuing to work very much in a similar vein, I’ll be making this site more of an archive, and hope you’ll join me and contact me over at Kolekto

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  1. Adrian says:

    Brilliant stuff Mark, really good online set-up. Man, those photos are inspiring me to get back up to visit, hopefully carrying some tapes to make a film too! Catch up later…

  2. Hi Mark, Just setting up my own blog and inputted “film and scotland” and found you! Hope you well. Congratulations on your move to Orkney. We have friends there and are hoping to take a trip up in the next while, would be good to see you.

    Best wishes,


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